Top 10 Dynamic Yield Alternatives in 2023


Dynamic Yield is a powerful personalization software solution that has a range of features. Although it can increase customer engagement and drive revenue growth, it isn’t right for all users.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common complaints that Dynamic Yield users mention in reviews.

1. Pricing

One of the most common complaints about Dynamic Yield is its high pricing. While enterprise companies can afford to use the software, many smaller businesses simply can’t fit it into their budget.

If you’re looking to free up some of your marketing budget by using a less expensive personalization solution, it might be time to check out some Dynamic Yield alternatives.

2. Lack of template options

Another common issue that emerges in reviews of Dynamic Yield is the lack of template options. Finding a ready-to-go template that fits a new campaign really helps marketers create personalized content as easily as possible.


While Dynamic Yield provides some out-of-the-box templates, it doesn’t have as many options as some other platforms, which is disappointing considering the higher price you pay.

3. Requires IT assistance

Dynamic Yield can be complex to get up and running on an ecommerce website. 

Many business users have reported that they’ve had to get their IT team involved in setting up and integrating the software with their other digital marketing systems. 

On the client side, this is both time-consuming and costly, especially for businesses that don’t have dedicated IT resources.

4. Difficulties with customer support

Some users have said the customer support provided by Dynamic Yield could be better. That means that if you face any of the problems identified above, you may have trouble getting in touch with their support team and receiving helpful assistance.

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