18 Proven Ecommerce Marketing Strategies to Try in 2023


4. Gamify the user experience with a lucky wheel

Are you looking to enhance the user experience on your ecommerce website and improve your conversion rates? Consider gamification! 

Incorporating gamified campaigns into your ecommerce marketing strategy can be a valuable tool for increasing customer acquisition and improving overall conversion rates.

One gamification approach is the lucky wheel campaign. This campaign involves a spinning wheel that offers customers a chance to win one of several different prizes or discounts. 

To participate, customers are asked to enter their email addresses or engage with your website in some way. Once they do so, they’re offered a spin on the wheel in exchange.


Not only does this approach encourage engagement with your website, but it also allows you to capture valuable email addresses for future marketing efforts. By offering prizes or discounts tailored to your audience, you can encourage visitors to take a chance and interact with your brand in a fun, playful way. Gamified campaigns like this have been shown to have a conversion rate of around 13%.

Before implementing a gamified campaign, it’s essential to consider your audience and tailor your approach accordingly. While gamification can effectively capture the attention of younger, tech-savvy audiences, it may not fit more traditional shoppers.

Get started with these lucky wheel templates:

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