13 Email Marketing Best Practices That Drive Results in 2023


Email subject lines are one of the most important factors that determine the success of each campaign. If an email campaign has a particularly compelling subject line, it’s going to get opened by many more recipients.

However, it’s often difficult to predict exactly which email subject line will perform best. You can take a guess, but it’s better to use cold, hard data to figure out the best email subject lines for all your campaigns.


That means that you should be using A/B testing to find out which types of email subject lines resonate best with your unique target audience. 

For example, you might have more success with your welcome email if the subject line is straight to the point, rather than trying to use humor… or it might be just the opposite! What’s important is that email marketing metrics like your open rate, click-through rate, and revenues are as optimized as they can be.

In fact, A/B testing isn’t just one of the most crucial email marketing best practices, it’s also one of the most crucial marketing best practices in general.

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